Here are a few tips to help you prepare and there are plenty of training plans online for you to choose from.

One of the best is at Runners World.


Don’t overdress

Wear a bin liner at the start to stay warm and use the bag drop at the event centre so you have extra layers at the finish.

Wear the right shoes

Trail shoes with a good rugged tread are ideal.

Keep your eyes on the trail

Look slightly ahead, not at your feet, to avoid falling.


Keep your form

As you climb, shorten your stride, lean into the hill from your ankles and pump your arms. On the downhills keep your weight forward, lengthen your stride and keep your arms low and elbows wide.


Refuel at the finish

No need to carry water – water station at 6K. Take advantage of the food at the event centre and in the goody bag to refuel quickly at the end.


Training for a 10K

There are a range of good 10K training plans on the Runners World website

Improve your trail skills

Practice on trails and parkland and include some hill work.


Get strong and balanced

Include at least one core strength and balance session into your weekly training regimen.


Falling over on trails

It happens! Roll with the fall rather than trying to break it and you usually get up and keep going without too much damage.


Enjoy yourself!

The TYY is for all levels of ability. Train well, in company if you can, and have a great run.